Mazamet and region
Mazamet et sa région, en français
Hautpoul up against the mountainside is the heart of the town and dominates the valley. Founded by the Visigoths in, it is said, 413, this ancient fortified village became the powerful fiefdom of the seigneurs of Hautpoul. A refuge for the Cathar heretics in early medieval times, it was besieged and sacked during the course of the Albigensian crusade (13th century). Those inhabitants who managed to escape, descended the valley to a spot known as the "Mas Arnette". Amongst them was one Clarie, known as "the Cathar child with the comb of gold". According to legend, this comb, on falling into the river, gave the refugees the power that enabled them go on and establish the wealth of the town. This wealth was based on the textile industry, which developed there, to be followed, in the nineteenth century, by the woollen industry which established Mazamet as a world-centre for the wool-finishing process. Today things have moved on once more and the region has new horizons.

Have you heard the legend of the beating heart of the Montagne Noire? Just listen...

Here in the Mazamet region you are at the precise point known as the "partage des eaux" where all rivers to the west run to the Atlantic while those to the south and east flow into the Mediterranean.

There is a wide choice of activities: walks, riding, cycling, swimming, tennis, golf, boating, speleology, climbing...for the more sportive. Indolent siestas beside the lake or leisurely walks along the footpaths... for the more laid back.

Nature (between torment and harmony) and man have conspired together to create this land of multiple contrasts.

This is "border country" (between the Hérault and the Tarn, between Languedoc and the Midi-Pyrénées, between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean climates). There is much to explore. Wander freely around the lakes and peaks, forests and causeways, roads and paths to your heart's content.

Let yourself be carried along (like the streams that flows down from the mountains) through this lantern-show of light and shade in your own time and at your own rhythm.

81660 Pont de l’Arn

This attractive delightfully wooded golf course, first laid out in 1956, is certainly one of the finest in the region. An attractive stream (the Issales) passes through the course which lies at the foot of the Montagne Noire. It is a traditional club offering a friendly welcome and sport of the highest quality.
Restaurant du Club House Telephone 05 63 61 08 00


18 holes - Par 7O - 5635m. - Slope 126 - Practice green
Professional: Bruno Michel
Green-fee :
Low season (Oct-May): weekdays/weekend: 3O €
High season (June-Sept): weekdays/weekend: 40 €

Open every day
Secretary: 05 63 61 06 72 - Fax 05 63 61 13 03
Office du Tourisme de Mazamet
Rue des Casernes 812OO Mazamet
Telephone 05 63 61 27 07
Open throughout the year.

Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie
3 Cours René Reille 81200 Malamute
Telephone 05 63 61 00 33

Place Hôtel de Ville 81200 Mazamet
Telephone 05 63 61 02 55

Discover Aiguefonde
Allow ourself to be charmed by its villages, its caves, its dolmens, its "lavoirs" (for washing wool), the Montagne Noire, its archaeological remains and, in general, by the rich tourist heritage of the Tarn.
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4 Mazamet and region
5 The Monts de Lacaune - Brassac du Tarn
6 The Lakes and the Salvetois
7 The Valley of the Thoré
8 The Montredonnais

  9 The Valleys of the Orb and the Jaur
10 The Saint-Ponais
11 The Monts d'Orb

Following the wine trail:
12 The Faugérois
13 The Minervois
14 The Saint-Chiniannais

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